Amethyst Planet: Live Your Purpose.
Expand Your Spiritual Awakening. Accelerate Your Healing. Increase Your Joy.

Awaken your Heart and Transform your Life
Discover Divine Creation and Fulfill your Spirit.
Experience sacred awakenings, personal empowerment, spiritual development, healing and joy. Actualize creation and manifestation in your life as you release blocks to achieving your highest good and freedom. Learn to THRIVE.

Our online and in-person workshops and events provide the practices and tools to guide you to the profound transformation and healing for leading a conscious, spiritual life. Join Us and Know the beauty and wholeness of Your Divine Self.
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The Records Of Life Purpose and Soul’s Destiny.
The Akashic Records contain all universal wisdom and knowledge since the beginning of time. Your personal Akashic Records reveal your Life Purpose, Spiritual Growth, Healing and Soul’s journey of consciousness.

Lumari's AKASHIC RECORDS is the first book to interview the collective of the Akashic and share their unique cosmic perspective. Her book reveals how their system of Universal wisdom really works, includes special Akashic meditations and how to access your own Akashic Records to increase your spiritual development and awareness.
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Discover the Energies of Creation, Healing and Evolution.
Experience personal empowerment and spiritual transformation and Masterful Living. "Alawashka Language of Creation" Channeled by Lumari, reveals the truths of the evolution of humanity and holds powerful teachings and energy for our transformation and our future.

Alawashka is the vibration of creation and consciousness. Increase your Powers of Co-Creation, Open your Connection to Heart, Spirit and Joy and Transform Your Life Forever.
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