Shollamaya™ Mastery Training in Creation Planetary and Personal Healing and Renewal

Accelerated Vibrational Training in Creation, Healing and Personal Expression.

Advanced Shollamaya Mastery Training is an ongoing advanced energy and training group where we work with global healing, weather patterns, cultural healing and so much more! Through the Shollamaya frequencies, patterns of illumination and healing, we are able to heal and clear many deep and underlying energies and help individuals and our world move to greater harmony and evolution. Our work together, using vibrations of pure creation to align with the Divine energies and bring concord and freedom to life's experience is truly a blessing and an empowering training. The Shollamaya Mastery Training is a commitment to universal service, beginning within our own lives and extending multi-dimensionally throughout the universal all.

This Year, we will come together for three weekends to expand the Shollamaya Freqeuncies with the Goddess and Alawashka. Our group evolves in frequencies and discipline for our own evolution and in service to the Goddess, Alawashka and our work together and on this beautiful planet.

This is a full year's continuing Mastery course. The Sholllamaya Sacred Healing Training certification is a requirement for participation. If you have received your Shollamaya Sacred Healing certification and would like to be considered for the upcoming Shollamaya Mastery Training, please contact us for information about the Trainings in 2013.

Shollamaya™ Mastery Training
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Vibrational Healing for the
"New Illuminated Paradigm"

If you have been waiting for a new and advanced vibrational healing system, the Shollamaya Sacred Healing Frequencies will fill you with joy, delight and evolutionary well-being. One truly expansive aspect of these energies is that they are more than healing frequencies. They touch into each person's evolutionary path, gracefully and gently supporting personal growth and purpose.

Clients discover that not only are they feeling better and have more capacity in their live and health, but they also feel a greater sense of their own purpose and deep spiritual joy. These sacred energies help move each person toward their vibrational path of destiny, in harmony with their greater vision and life. This is gentle. This is empowering. This is a graceful transition into harmony that is what each of us longs to feel in our own lives. This healing, this spiritual support is a gift of energies to awaken one's deep soul being into a greater joy and energy. It is life embracing!

Certified Shollamaya Sacred Healing Practitioners

If you are interested in experiening the Shollamaya Sacred Healing Frequencies, please contact a Certified Shollamaya Healing Practitioners listed on this website. Each one can help you decide your nest steps in healing.

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