Universal Suite Meditation Music for awakening, relaxation andspiritual journeys

Instrumental Music expressly created for Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga, Healing, Spa Treatments & Bodywork

The most expansive and uplifting Meditation, Healing & Relaxation music composed in harmony with the Angelic Realms. Universal Suite Instrumental Meditation Music by Peter Bried Rich, awakening music to bring you to continual spiritual growth, deepen your spiritual connection with Spirit andexperience joy, enlightenment and healing.

CD: Price $15.95

Universal Suite's uplifting and illuminating music will help you . . .

  • ~ ~ ~ Move into a blissful alignment of Spiritual Oneness.
  • ~ ~ ~ Access deeper parts of your True Self
  • ~ ~ ~ Travel into expanded states of Awareness
  • ~ ~ ~ Receive clear energies of Healing and Deep Relaxation
  • ~ ~ ~ Feel renewed energy, greater calm and clear perception.

Healing professionals love it!

Peter Bried's music leads you into direct communication with the highest spiritual energies to help you achieve true spiritual connection and inner-peace. Powerful and uplifting music composed and created in communion with the Divine. Touch the highest realms. Travel within the joyful expansion of the Universe and receive the Divine blessings of your journey. Experience grace, ease and renewal.

Universal Suite meditation music Guides your through a multi-layered Journey.
Follow the vibrations of the Healing Spirit.

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